Secure your future with an Alarm 2000 professional CCTV system.

In recent years, CCTV technology has advanced significantly to offer effective CCTV solutions for all requirements. With far superior record quality, no longer do we have the poor grainy images that we have seen in the past.

CCTV is the fastest growing sector in our business. Technology has modernised rapidly in this area and we use the latest state of the art technology to provide the best possible images and viewing access that suits you, even including remote viewing via a mobile phone, I-pad or home computer. For commercial businesses, these benefits can include:

  • control of product lines
  • oversight of health and safety matters

With remote viewing technology, many business and home owners now enjoy the peace of mind of being able to discreetly view their premises from the comfort of their own home, whilst at work or even while they are abroad.

We use the most advanced and sophisticated recording equipment to allow your CCTV system torecord for long periods of time via a digital hard drive system, providing you with invaluable evidenceas required.

Our CCTV cameras offer high resolution images day and night and range  from fixed cameras to fully functional dome cameras, to IP networked cameras – all using mega pixel digital technology for unrivalled clarity of images.

All of our systems are user friendly and individually designed, offering you a cost-effective solution suited to your budget and a robust security portfolio for your property or premises.

From domestic properties to commercial premises, Alarm 2000 offers solutions where others can’t because over the last few years, we have developed a long term relationship with our British distributor based in Cornwall. They provide us with the latest new and innovative products direct from the manufacturers, ensuring that we can keep our costs down for our customers.

Alarm 2000 are able to offer you a solution that meets all of your requirements.

For your free, no obligation discussion and quotation, ranging from a single professional camera system to a multiple complex protection system, please contact Alarm 2000 via the contact form here.

CCTV Products that we install

  • Sansung
  • Sanyo
  • Pelco
  • Sony
  • Panasonic
  • Dedicated Micros