Access control

Secure Your Future with an Alarm 2000 access control system.

Access control offers you additional security and protection of your premises and is an increasingly important tool for large multi-functional properties and most businesses. Being able to control who is allowed access into your premises, at what time and in which area is becoming more and more central to the safety and security of your staff, workforce and residents. Ranging from residential homes to large commercial offices, we can design an access control system that meets the needs of your property, tailored to its specific use and function, ranging from from a stand alone keypad system to a fully networked PC based system.

These systems can range from:

  • door control
  • intercom systems
  • automatic locking systems
  • time management systems (clocking in and out systems)
  • ID card systems
  • fingerprint technology

These systems can range from single door video and audio systems to multiple door systems, such as apartment blocks.

The systems can be designed to suit you, providing options such as whether the system is operated via a code number, swipe card or proximity keyfob – all of these features can be made to unlock a door where access is permitted.

Our PC based systems have the ability to integrate with CCTV or intruder alarm systems, allowing authorised users to set and unset the system or part of the building which they have been granted access to.

Host features include:

  • time zones
  • event reporting
  • management of users
  • management of multiple doors
  • integration of remote buildings.

Alarm 2000 are able to offer you a solution that meets all of your requirements.

For your free, no obligation discussion and quotation, ranging from a single professional camera system to a multiple complex protection system, please contact Alarm 2000 via the contact form here.

Access control products that we install:

  • Paxton
  • PAC
  • BFT
  • ACT
  • Bewator
  • TDSI
  • Siemens
  • Videx
  • HID